In Tune

At Abraham Geiger College, we aim to educate rabbis and cantors who are in tune with modern society and yet offer an authentic interpretation of the Jewish tradition.

Many observers see that the Jewish community in Germany and its neighboring countries cannot be defined by practicing one’s religion only. However, there is a hidden strand that connects young people of Jewish origin throughout central Europe. For many, religion has become a repository of identification again, and we need the rabbis and cantors trained at Abraham Geiger College to reach out to them and to add the flavor of Progressive Judaism to their lives. It is one of our primary objectives to present the significance of Jewish values to our students, to the wider Jewish community and to society at large.

Our students come from very different places and backgrounds. Some of them have pursued another academic degree or a previous career in industry before, while others take their first steps towards campus life.  We  try our very best to cater for all of them and to foster a sense of cohesion and community. At Abraham Geiger College, students are given the tools to embark on their personal Jewish journeys and to explore the richness of Jewish thought. Meeting students and faculty from all over the world also entails a strengthened opportunity to be in tune with actualities and current developments throughout the international Jewish landscape.

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