As a general rule, students travel six to ten times per year for a weekend to their placement community. Among other things, there they are entitled to lead synagogue services and/or teach religious education classes to children and adults.

As a matter of principle, these activities are fulfilled in detailed consultations with their mentor, the Vocational Director of the Abraham Geiger College, Rabbi Drs van Voolen and under weekly supervision and case review with the psychologists of our Department for Personal Development.

We would like to ask you to contact us before sending a formal request. We will then provide you with the underlying placement regulations and a form for filing your application for student community work. Please note that we reserve the right to assess requests and that there is no right of appeal.

For further information please contact:

Carolyn Naumann
e-Mail: naumann[ät]geiger-edu[dot]de
Phone.: +49 (331) 977 159 800