Abraham Geiger College is a diverse religious and scholarly learning community dedicated to vocational training and academic excellence, providing authority and authenticity. Our affiliation with the School of Jewish Theology at the University of Potsdam ensures the advancing of the critical study of Jewish civilization and related disciplines in accordance with the highest standards of modern academic scholarship. Recognized and supported by Federal Ministry of Education and Research, we take pride in the academic performance and achievements of both our faculty and our student body who are committed to academic freedom, rigor and the dissemination of creative Jewish thought.

Abraham Geiger was convinced that the modern rabbinate was always to be informed by a commitment to modern scholarship. The Abraham Geiger College today stands proudly and ably in the tradition that he established.

Rabbi David Ellenson, Ph.D., Chancellor Emeritus of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion

In der Sendung „Schalom. Jüdisches Leben heute“ berichtet Thomas Klatt für rbb Kulturradio über Jüdische Theologie in Potsdam. Dabei kommen auch Professor Daniel Krochmalnik und zwei Studierende zu Wort.

Reconnecting to a Rich Legacy

In the 19th century, Berlin had become the cradle of Haskalah, or Jewish Enlightenment. Connected with this was the birth of the Reform movement and of Liberal Judaism, with spokesmen like Abraham Geiger, Ludwig Philippson and Leo Baeck, to name but a few.

School of Jewish Theology

Since 2013, Jewish Theology is available as a field of study at a European institution of higher learning. Thus, almost two hundred years after German-Jewish scholar Abraham Geiger made his public plea for equal recognition, Jewish theology is finally on an academic par with Christian theology – as well as with the new Islamic studies centers being established in Germany.

Center of Jewish Law

Justice is at the core of Jewish existence. This is why Jewish Law is a key competence for rabbis especially and all Jewish individuals in general.

Curriculum Information

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Our curriculum includes one year of study and experience in Jerusalem where their mentors at the Conservative Yeshivah and other partner institutions coordinate their academic studies, provide supervision and take care of internships.


The library is part of the network of Judaica libraries in the Federal States of Berlin and Brandenburg. Collections of all participating libraries are accessible through a conjoint search engine called VK Judaica and are issued at the cooperating library network Kooperativen Bibliotheksverbund.

Encyclopedia Of Jewish-Christian Relations

Until 2021 international experts at the cutting edge of their disciplines will investigate in two hundred entries more than two thousand years of Jewish-Christian interaction.