Shanah tovah umetukah

Reflection and Renewal are the central themes of the High Holidays. Only when we draw lessons from the past can we reshape our future.

We are called to take responsibility not only as individuals, but also as Abraham Geiger College. We want to repent, because we firmly stand for the moral and religious values taught by our past and present teachers.

Jewishly, the process of reflection starts with intense exchanging with everyone who feels hurt and talking to our supporters who feel disappointed. And that is what we have been doing in these past months, under the inspiring leadership of our interim director Gabriele Thöne.

We listened to our students, graduates, and alumni, and learnt from their insights. Surely, we sometimes have different views, but we clearly share a love for Judaism. We are dedicated to a common cause, and sincerely hope this will strengthen all of us in the time to come.

Like our personal soul-searching (cheshbon ha-nefesh, accounting for the soul) during the forty days before Yom Kippur, we are currently questioning our institutional past and preparing for a different institutional future. We are grateful for the support of many friends and organisations, particularly of the European Union for Progressive Judaism.

We are well on the way to reaching our main goal: the restructuring of the College. Sustainable institutional renewal does take time, legal processes need patience. We are confident about a positive outcome.

We are thrilled with you, students, graduates, and alumni. For you we work.

May you be inscribed in the book of life. Shanah tovah umetukah,

Rabbi Edward van Voolen / Cantor Isidoro Abramowicz