End of Term Concert of Our Cantorial Program

The Students Recital on July 16 marked also the graduation of our cantorial student Svetlana Kundish who had just passed her final exams. Under the artistic direction of Cantor Israel Goldstein (New York) and Cantor Prof. Dr. Eliyahu Schleifer (Jerusalem), our students performed music of the synagogue, accompanied by Naaman Wagner. Together with teachers, alumni and a fellow student of our college, Svetlana Kundish demonstrated her talents and skills also in two further concerts in  Erfurt and Weimar. The program “The Two Faces of the Cantor,”presenting sacred music and Yiddish song, met with enthusiastic applause. To quote Alan Bern, the artistic director of the Yiddish Summer Weimar Festival: “Thank you for enriching all of our lives with your beautiful music!”