Hartmut Bomhoff M.A.




Jewish Voice from Germany

Nr. 16, April 2016

  • „500 Years of Venice Ghetto: ‘So That They Do Not Move Around at Night’. La Serenissima commemorates its Jewish past”, S. 16
  • “Boris Lurie. Artist of No Compromises. Largest retrospective yet at the Jewish Museum Berlin”, S. 18
  • “Jewish Brewery Tales. In Bavaria, ‘Beer is the Wine of This Land’”, S. 19
  • “Bomhoff Recommends: Look Past Your Own Nose!”, S. 22
  • “Dispute, Debate and Dialogue”,Interview with Benny Fischer, President of the European Union of Jewish Students, S. 22
  • “Bridges between Judaism, Christianity and Islam. 60 years ago, Leo Baeck set the cornerstones of true interfaith dialogue”, S. 24

Nr. 17, Juli 2016

  • “Wroclaw: A City of Many Colors Builds Its Identity. Poland’s boomtown celebrates itself as a European Capital of Culture”, S. 16.
  • “Berlin: Pride of the Jews and Ornament to the City. 150th anniversary of the grand New Synagogue”, S. 18.
  • “Yiddish Summer Weimar: The Face and Voice of Ashkenaz. A festival explores European legends and Yiddish crossovers”, S. 21
  • “A House of Hope beneath the Ground. New floor sculpture evokes historical home of Moses Mendelssohn”, S. 21
  • “Bomhoff Recommends. You Don’t Have to Be That Funny”, S. 22
  • “Repentance, Prayer and Charity. Admitting our shortcomings is the most meaningful offering“, S. 24 

Nr. 18, Oktober 2016

  • “The Transformation of German Jewry. With a new generation diversity unfolds”, S. 16.
  • “Flourishing, Destruction and Memory. The ‘Shum’ cities of the Rhine are on their way to World Heritage status”, S. 18.
  • “Soul Place for Reconciliation and Education. A small house by a lake contains the history of twentieth-century Germany”, S. 21.
  • “Bomhoff Recommends: No Double Standards“, S. 22.
  • “A Road of Repentance and Consolation. Getting from Tisha b’Av to Yom Kippur”, S. 24.





mit Andreas Nachama, Walter Homolka: Basiswissen Judentum, Verlag Herder, Freiburg, 2015.